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Our fiction staff is open to a range of subjects and styles. We enjoy work that takes risks with character, language, and form as long as it continues to impact us emotionally. Please send a single story under 6,000 words. If you're submitting flash fiction, include up to three stories in a single document. In the appropriate field of the submission manager please include your contact information: name, email, phone number. A brief bio is optional, but welcomed.

Ends in 3 days, 11 hours

Our staff is interested in poems that blur contemporary styles with traditional modes, poems that light up with raw energy but point in a specific direction, and poems that push through leaps of image and gesture but resound with a strong emotional core.  Above all, we enjoy poems that are willing to take risks while maintaining clarity of expression.  

Send up to 4 poems at a time or 8 pages maximum. If you have a single long poem that exceeds 8 pages, we welcome you to submit it as an exception to the page-limit rule and as the totality of your submission for that issue. Please submit all of your poems in one document.

If you have poetry accepted elsewhere, please add a note to your submission to let us know which must be withdrawn from consideration. Do not withdraw the entire submission if some poems are still available.

Ends in 3 days, 11 hours

We enjoy creative nonfiction pieces that embrace the tactics of fiction, but we don't shy away from the innovative and experimental (in fact, we're rather interested in what you can show us)! But keep in mind, we're looking for engaging nonfiction stories, not journalism or academic essays. Pieces should be under 6,000 words. In the appropriate field of the submission manager, include a short bio and your contact information: name, email, phone number. 

We're looking for content related to the literary community or your relationship with the arts: writing, editing, submitting, craft, mulling over questions you don't know the answer to, or satire about literary culture all apply. Please keep your submissions short and sweet-- 750 words or less, please!

Send us a single submission and please wait for a response before submitting again. 

There will be no payment for Latest Content (we're really sorry guys!)